Tanintharyi Region Witnesses Over 10000 Increase in Displaced Population Within One Month

On November 11th, FE5 Tanintharyi, a research organization based in Tanintharyi Region, reported a notable increase of over 10000 war-displaced individuals in October alone due to conflicts between the coup Military Council and local resistance forces.

Prior to October, Tanintharyi Region recorded over 45000 war-displaced individuals. Following the clashes in October, this figure surged to 55000.

“Some daring displaced people took risks and returned home after the fighting subsided. However, the overall number of war-displaced individuals is increasing month by month. The extended period of displacement is a concern. With almost all land routes blocked by the Military Council in the region, there is a possibility of food shortage problems”, an aid worker told KIC.

Over the last three months, October witnessed the highest level of destruction of public property in the Tanintharyi Region by Military Council troops, with 44 houses set ablaze in a single month, according to FE5.

Furthermore, due to the Military Council’s restrictions on the transportation of essential food items and medicine in Tanintharyi and Palaw Townships, the need for sustenance among the war-displaced population is increasing.

In Tanintharyi Region, the Military Council detained 230 civilians for various reasons, releasing 176 of them, while 9 individuals were killed, as reported by FE5 Tanintharyi.

The Institute for Strategy and Policy-Myanmar (ISP-Myanmar) announced on October 29th that a total of more than 11,000 armed clashes have occurred throughout Myanmar in the two years since the Military Council staged the coup.

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