KNLA-Led Joint Forces Seize Military Council Base in Mone Township

The Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA)-led resistance forces successfully attacked and seized the Thit Cha Seik camp of the Military Council in Mone Township, located within Nyaunglebin District, a territory controlled by the 3rd Brigade of the Karen National Union (KNU).

KNLA, in collaboration with the Karen National Defense Organization (KNDO) and various other resistance groups, launched the offensive on the camp, initiating the battle on August 31st and concluding it on September 1st. Throughout the conflict, at least 15 Military Council members lost their lives, while tragically, two comrades from the joint resistance forces were also martyred.

“We managed to take control of the entire camp, but we couldn’t keep it for long, so we had to withdraw. It’s challenging to maintain control after capturing it because the enemy might launch air attacks”, a resistance fighter told KIC.

During the camp-capturing battle, the resistance forces successfully acquired a substantial cache of small arms belonging to the Military Council. After the battle, the Military Council attempted to engage the resistance forces while seeking cover within residential houses, school and hospital compounds, and launched shelling and airstrikes, according to KNLA’s statement.

Thit Cha Seik camp was previously stationed by troops from the 439th and 60th Infantry Battalions, as well as the 350th and 351st Light Infantry Battalions under the Military Council’s command. KNU and locals have leveled accusations against these Junta soldiers, alleging they engaged in activities such as forcefully seizing locals’ properties, conducting rigorous interrogations, and launching arbitrary shelling.

“In fact, nearly every military camp in the area has been unlawfully taking people’s belongings. Personally, I had over 100000-kyat worth of purchased items confiscated at one point”, a woman who did not want to be named said.

Amid the fierce clashes between the KNLA and the Military Council, residents reported that people from neighboring villages had to evacuate for their safety. KIC is currently conducting an investigation to determine the extent of civilian casualties and damage to buildings resulting from the conflict.

When considering the entirety of Nyaunglebin District, the number of displaced individuals has risen to over 200,000 as a consequence of conflicts and regional instability, according to the Karen Peace Support Network (KPSN).

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