Information of Myawaddy Police Station Attack Leaks, Prompting Interrogation of Police Personnel

Police officers are facing inquiries following the leakage of reports regarding an attack on the Myawaddy District police station in Karen State.

Leaked police telegrams, audio recordings of telephone conversations, and photographic evidence have prompted investigations into police officers from the Karen State police headquarters as well as township and district police stations, a police source said.

“After the police station was attacked by drones, officers lost their lives, some were badly hurt. Telegrams, phone calls, and videos about the incident got out and went viral on social media and in the news within hours. As a result, police personnel faced reprimands throughout the entirety of yesterday. Their superiors suspect there might be moles within the police force, so now the officers are facing a lot of pressure to find them”, the source told KIC.

During the night of September 3rd, resistance joint forces led by the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) carried out a drone attack on the Myawaddy District Police Station. This attack resulted in the loss of 6 lives and left 10 injured, including high-ranking military and police officials at the district level. The extent of the damage and the number of casualties quickly became public knowledge, leading to ongoing interrogations of the police force.

Following the drone attack by KNLA, the Military Council responded with airstrikes and artillery shelling, specifically targeting the Letkhettaung area.

In anticipation of further drone attacks by the KNLA on Military Council positions within Myawaddy, families of government employees have received advance warnings to evacuate.

KNLA’s drone units have issued a preemptive evacuation warning to the families of government employees, indicating their intention to launch additional attacks on Military Council positions in Myawaddy.

“In the police station compound, there are families of transferred policemen who have nowhere else to go, so they remain at the station, facing risks. Myawaddy police families have gone back to their homes, while officers’ families are seeking refuge in nearby guesthouses and Border Guard Force (BGF) outposts. Regular police personnel are not permitted to leave the compound and are stationed there”, the aforementioned police source added.

Deputy Police Colonel Aung Htet Win and another police officer, both suffered life-threatening injuries in the drone attack, have been urgently transferred to a private hospital in Thailand for medical care. Meanwhile, the remaining injured police personnel are receiving treatment at Myawaddy Hospital.

The funerals for the 6 military, police and other rank officers under the Military Council, who lost their lives in the attack, will take place in Myawaddy, where locals have noticed heightened security measures.

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