Colonel Saw Chit Thu’s Son Takes Command in Offensive to Reclaim Letkhattaung Pagoda Hill

Two battalions, commanded by Major Saw Chit Chit, the son of Colonel Saw Chit Thu, the Secretary General of the Border Guard Forces (BGF), along with a battalion from the Military Council, are currently engaged in a robust offensive operation aimed at retaking Letkhattaung Pagoda Hill near Myawaddy Township in Karen State, according to resistance forces.

Having relinquished control of Letkhattaung Pagoda Hill on July 21st, the Military Council and BGF have now entrusted the task of retaking this crucial strategic point to Major Saw Chit Chit, a young BGF leader at the age of 27, who is spearheading the current offensive.

“Two BGF battalions, led by Commander Saw Chit Thu’s son Saw Chit Chit, and the Military Council are teaming up to take back Letkhattaung. Their operational situation is uncertain, with both advances and retreats. They’re using various artillery and shelling daily. In the clashes, 8 BGF members died, and the Military Council soldiers suffered casualties too. Because of heavy shelling, nearby villagers are fleeing for safety”, an official from the 6th Brigade of Karen National Union (KNU) told KIC on August 9th.

Intense clashes occurred between July 24th and August 8th, with the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) launching a preemptive strike against the advancing forces of the Military Council and BGF, who were aiming to retake the Letkhattaung military base. Throughout these engagements, the Military Council consistently employed 120mm Howitzers and 122mm Multiple Launch Rocket Systems, bombarding the battleground daily, as reported by the resistance fighters on the frontline.

Despite widespread social media reports claiming the demise of Major Saw Chit Chit from BGF during the conflict, individuals with close ties to BGF have clarified to KIC that these assertions are untrue.

On July 21st, the KNLA and allied forces successfully raided and captured the Letkhattaung Pagoda Hill military camp belonging to the Military Council, along with a significant cache of weapons and ammunition, as reported on the KNU’s social media pages.

Colonel Saw Chit Thu, the Secretary General of the Karen State BGF, designated his two sons, Major Saw Eh Mhu and Major Saw Chit Chit, as officers within the ranks of BGF.

Frequently, Major Saw Chit Chit shares videos on social media, showcasing his collaborative operations with the Military Council’s troops.

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