Japan offers Mae Ra Mo and Mae La Oon refugees resettlement opportunity

Refugees from the Mae Ra Mo and Mae La Oon refugee camps, in Mae Hong Son District, on the Thai-Burma border, who are registered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) have been given permission to apply for resettlement in Japan.

The UNHCR issued an announcement stating families can apply for resettlement at its office, located at the camps.

Speaking to Karen News, Mae Ra Mo camp deputy chairman Saw Bwe said.

“The UNHCR announcement issued in March was for refugees wanting to apply for resettlement to Japan. Currently, there is no limitation on the population on who can apply. We hope to know how applicants will be choosen on April 29.”

Saw Bwe said that Japanese government officials would visit Mae Ra Mo refugee camp on April 29 and 30 before going onto Mae Ra Mo. The camp authorities, including refugees, will meet with the Japanese government officials regarding the Japanese resettlement program.

Speaking to Karen News, a married man who has applied for resettlement to Japan said.

“Our family has applied to resettle. As Japan is an Asia country we think that it will be more convenient for us. Anyone can apply. Now we have to wait and see whether we can leave.”

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