KNU’s Covid-19 Screening Post Destroyed by Burma Army Re-Opens in Mutraw (Papun) District

The Karen National Union (KNU) screening post burnt down by the Burma Army at Wa Thoe Kho village, Mutraw (Hpapun) district, in the Northern Karen State, resumed operations in late June, 2020.

The Covid-19 screening post located in KNU controlled territory was burnt by the Burma Army in May. The screening post was rebuilt and is now operating after officials from both the KNU and Burma Army reached an agreement.

The screening point was suspended shortly after reopening on June 25 after a request from the Burma Army.

A Back Pack Health Worker Team from Hpapun district told Karen News; “They [Burma Army] told us not to wear our solider uniforms. We said we won’t wear our uniforms and we suspended screening post activities for two days.”

The screening posts are managed by the Karen Department of Health and Welfare and Back Pack Health Worker Team to monitor local villagers – check for fever, encourage them to wear masks to prevent them from catching Covid-19. Information about the pandemic is provided at the post in Karen language for local people.

The Burma Army’s destruction of the screening posts at Wa Thoe Kho village and Pah Lo on May 6, 2020, resulted in armed clashes between the Karen National Liberation Army and the Burma Army. Villagers were wounded in the conflict and hundreds were displaced.

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