Over 40 Civilians Including Social Rescue Members Arrested in Kawkareik Township Karen State

Over 40 civilians including members of social rescue teams detained by Military Council soldiers, were apprehended within a span of three days according to local residents of Kawkareik Township in Karen State.

Local residents informed KIC that among the 40 detainees they knew that it included:

Ko Myat Htike from the Pearl Phyu Social Rescue Team, a teacher Phoe Win, Ko Soe Soe who works as an ice seller, U Hla Myaing, Aung Myint Tun who runs an ice cream shop, Ko Aung Naing from Free Funeral Service Society, Daw Pearl Phyu, and Ko Sar Yu from the Land Records department.

Also among the detained individuals are members of social rescue teams, ordinary civilians, and individuals who support the military. The specific reasons for their arrests remain unknown, causing considerable apprehension among the residents of Kawkareik Township.

” I don’t know what they (Military Council) want. We don’t know anything yet. We only know that the arrested people have been interrogated. They have not been released yet,” a person close to the arrested person told KIC.

A Kawkareik Township resident told KIC, “I have received information about the arrest of rebel supporters, but it appears that the focus of the authorities’ actions has primarily been on detaining teachers and individuals who are not actively involved in any unlawful activities. Surprisingly even those who express support for the military, have been included among those taken into custody. The specific reasons behind these arrests remains unclear to me. I’m in town and don’t even dare to leave the house anymore.”

Residents of Kawkareik Township have reported that Military Council troops stationed there are conducting arbitrary arrests, searches on civilians, and indiscriminate firing of artillery shells from their camp towards the villages outside the town.

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