Burmese Government Bulldoze Village in Chin State

Burmese Government have been criticised by a frontline human rights organisation after a village in Chin State was bulldozed.

Free Burma Rangers, a humanitarian organisation which delivers aid to ethnic areas throughout Burma, said that the village, which is called Bualpui, was bulldozed on August 31st, FBR said that Bualpui village has a population of around 380 people.

“No compensation was offered, nor were the villagers given any opportunities to learn how to properly decamp and move elsewhere. Armed personnel and construction vehicles arrived at the site on the 31st and proceeded to remove the structures without permission of the locals.” FBR said in a statement, “All of the 380 residents have since been displaced.” FBR added.

Chin State is one of Burma’s poorest regions. Figures published by UNICEF noted that as much as 73% of the population in Chin State subsist on less than $1.90 a day.

The reasons for the Bualpui’s demolition remain unclear.

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