Military Council’s shelling injures 4 locals, including 2 children, in Kyaikto, Mon State

Local sources report that an explosion caused by the shelling of the Military Council in Wardatkwin village in Theinzayat-Thonekhwa village tract of Kyaikto Township in Thaton District, Mon State resulted in injuries to four residents, including two children, after they were hit by shrapnel.

Although there was no fighting in the area on the evening of May 3rd, the 207th Light Infantry Battalion of the Military Council intentionally launched at least 10 artillery shells into the surrounding villages of Theinzayat, sources close to the Karen National Union (KNU) claimed.

Unfortunately, an artillery shell struck the house of U Yar Zar Tun, a Wardatkwin villager, causing injuries to U Yar Zar Tun, a 31-year-old woman and two children aged 11 and 3, said KNU Thaton District Secretary, Padoh Saw Aye Naing.

“Despite no fighting occurring in the vicinity, the Military Council launched an 81 mm mortar around 4:00 PM, resulting in a shell striking U Yar Zar Tun’s home. It caused injuries to four family members, including two adults who sustained injuries to their head, chest, and abdomen, and one child who suffered an injury to the right leg. Additionally, another child sustained a cut wound on the back”, he told the KIC.

At present, the four family members have been transported to Mawlamyine People Hospital for medical treatment, Padoh Saw Aye Naing added.

Currently, the KIC is still reaching out to the relevant locals to verify and gather further information regarding the shelling incident.

Similarly, an incident on April 26th involved shelling launched from the Military Council outpost located in Theinzayat, which led to a monk in Thonekhwa village being struck in the head by shrapnel and sustaining injuries.

Throughout this year, the Military Council has significantly escalated its ground operations in Thaton District, infiltrating villages with forces and launching shelling attacks on residential areas. As a result, many locals have been forced to evacuate their homes. According to the Karen Peace Support Network (KPSN) report on February 27th, the ongoing conflict has led to over 120000 individuals being displaced in Thaton District, which is under the control of the 1st KNU Brigade.

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