Displaced residents in Karen State’s Kyondoe Township struggle with living and food challenges amid fighting

After a raid on a police station in Kyondoe Township, Kawkareik District, Karen State, thousands of residents have been forced to flee their homes and are now facing numerous hardships, some displaced people said.

Amidst scorching temperatures, the fleeing population – including the elderly, children, and pregnant women – are experiencing a multitude of difficulties related to food, shelter, and health, a Kyondoe resident, who did not wish to be named, told KIC.

“As people fled, many were forced to leave with only a single article of clothing. Among the refugees were the elderly, pregnant women, and individuals with poor health, all of whom are particularly vulnerable in this extremely hot weather”, he said.

Despite the lack of fighting on March 27th in the region, the Military Council reportedly conducted shelling, which has left the displaced population still hesitant to return home.

“Although there is no active fighting today, the Military Council continues to intermittently fire artillery, which has prevented villagers from returning home. The constant threat of shelling, coupled with sweltering weather, has made daily life incredibly challenging. The situation is far from convenient for anyone involved”, another displaced local told KIC.

Following clashes in areas including Kyondoe, Kawkareik, and Myawaddy on March 25th, thousands of residents from villages such as Yaepu, Kawtwarle, Nwarchankone, and Ngartaing have been compelled to evacuate to safer locations, villages’ elders said.

Likewise, certain inhabitants of Kawkareik Township, who were compelled to abandon their residences due to the fighting that took place last December, are still unable to return home andremain displaced.

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