On Karen Revolution Day the Kawthoolei Army released 5 detained policemen in Myawaddy Karen state

5 police officers and their family members, arrested during the attack on the Military Council’s Waw Lay police station, south of Myawaddy, Karen State, were released by the White Elephant column and the Kawthoolei Army (KTLA) joint forces on January 31, Karen Revolution Day.

Lieutenant Colonel Saw Sa Lone, the platoon commander of the White Elephant column and the battalion commander of the Kawthoolei Army (KTLA) special commando unit told KIC “ The family members of the police officers were also released, included 3 women and 3 children.They said their plan was to work in Thailand. So after we contacted the commander in chief of the Kawthoolei Army (KTLA) Major General Nerdah Mya, it was arranged by NUG leaders to send them to Thailand where they found a job.”

Lieutenant Colonel Saw Sa Lone, who is also the battalion commander of the Kawthoolei Army (KTLA) special commando unit elaborated.

On the day of the 74th Karen Revolution, we asked them if they wanted to go home? Cooperate with our movement or work somewhere?.

They are afraid to go home. They have no desire to join us. Then we contacted the NUG, saying that they wanted to work in Thailand, and the NUG leaders offered them a job.

Just like that, we sent them to a liberated area,’ adding “ We also gave them time to reflect and repent. I don’t know if they will repent or not, but if we kill them, we will not reach nirvana.”

They were sent to work according to their needs and according to the decision and consensus of the stakeholders, and that there are no more detainees in the custody of the Kawthoolei Army (KTLA) and the White Elephant column.

The policemen, who were released on January 31, were arrested on June 13, 2022, in the battle for the Waw Lay outpost. In the battle, the KNLA/KNDO joint column was able to free 9 members of the People’s Defense Forces who had been arrested in the cell of the Waw Lay police station, and some weapons and ammunition were seized.

During the fighting, some police officers and their families fled the police station.

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