Undocumented Chinese citizens from Shwe Kokko roaming around with weapons

Residents told KIC that undocumented Chinese nationals from the new city of Shwe Kokko. carrying weapons in cars with Chinese number plates, are roaming around in Myawaddy without any checks.

A Myawaddy local told KIC, “ The Chinese nationals connected with the casino business in Shwe Koko have three or four armed bodyguards, but even at military checkpoints ,cars with Shwe Kokko Chinese license plates are not checked. The city is only patrolled by the military, but they don’t dare to do anything about the Chinese roaming around without documents.”

This Shew Kokko new city project was suspended during the National League for Democracy-NLD government, but after the military coup operations quickly resumed with the full blessing of the Military Council.

According to people close to them, undocumented foreigners are coming to work in casino businesses, luxury businesses, online gambling businesses in the new city, and many people are coming in and out of the Thai-Myanmar border illegally to gamble and have fun.

“Shwe Kokkol is crowded now. BGF is working with its own administrative rules, access cards, and local license plates. There are many illegal Chinese and other nationals. Many Burmese and Karen people are coming because the carpentry and masonry jobs are earning well. Tenants and farm tenants also work. Although it’s not a good time in the Mainland, it’s busy in Shwe Kokko,” said a person working in a casino construction business to KIC.

In addition to Chinese citizens, many Thais and other foreigners are coming to live and work in the casino businesses operating under the name Shwe Kokko new city project.

According to local news sources, the heads of the Military Council and their children often visit the new town of Shwe Kokko for gambling and entertainment.

[A resident of Myawaddy who witnessed that undocumented Chinese nationals from casino businesses in Shwe Kokko are riding in vehicles with Chinese number plates, carrying weapons and being allowed to travel in Myawaddy without any prohibition or inspection by the Military Council forces.

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