An event aimed to help to create professional networks for migrant students in Tak district held

A discussion program was held in Tak district in Mae Sok, Thailand on December 12th with the aim of seeking and creating different jobs and professional networks for Myanmar migrant students, and the sharing of experience by successful people in various fields.

Naw Gae Fo, director of the Cotton on Foundation explained the purpose of the programme was to create “ Effective ways of getting to know more about developing job opportunities and networks that can help provide income for the migrant students in Tak district, was the main purpose of the discussion programme and also to share the experience of successful people.”

The program was organized by the Cotton on Foundation, cooperating with Thai education officials.

“Migrant students have many worries about their future. We share the knowledge that there are still options for them. We invite the students to come and hear the experiences of successful people in the region”, she told KIC.

In the program, officials from the Thai Department of Education encourage the students with the assistance of Karen entrepreneurs who share their experience of developing a small business.

About 300 students visited different workplaces in Thailand for the purpose of learning more from representatives of various enterprises .

Naw El Se Hte Soe, a participant in the forum said,” Myanmar migrant students gained necessary knowledge, mental strength and other benefits to find ways to succeed, by attending the program.

“One thing I learned at this event is that successful people overcome various kinds of difficulties. And I got the motivation to persevere and not give up even when faced with setbacks and losses”, she told KIC.

The event was attended by businessmen and organizations on the Thai-Myanmar border such as Sarthoolei School Foundation, Suwannimit Foundation, Picture Book, Kickstart art, Lush Life, Thabyaw, Hebron, Play Onside, Mae Tao Clinic, LCCI Account CPI, Sunday Morning Café, Klee Po Shop and Cotton on Foundation, the organizer.

Cotton on Foundation, based in Australia, is the main organization supporting the operation of Sarthoolei and Bwe K’Lar schools where migrant students are studying in Thailand. In addition, the organization is also providing assistance to migrant students who are studying at colleges in Thailand.

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