Military Council Responds to Loss of its Army Base with Multiple Airstrikes

The military-appointed State Administration Council responded to the capture of one of its strategically important camps to Karen and its allies with multiple airstrikes.

The camp is strategically located in the Karen National Union’s Brigade 5, Mutraw (Hpa-pun) District. The military council sent jet fighters to run at least 10 bombing missions over Day Bu Noh and Thay Ka Hta villages, Lu Thaw Township, Mutraw District.

KNU reported village houses were damaged, but fortunately there were no casualties.
The overrun of its strategic base, deep in KNU territory, was regarded as demoralizing for Burma Army ground troops and the Burma Army hit back with the air attacks.

The Burma Army base, located on the bank of the Salween River, was taken by Karen National Liberation Army and its allies on 28 April, the Military Council responded with airstrikes, and on May 1, International Workers’ Day, witnesses said fighter jets made repeated bombing raids, “at least 10 and drones were also seen in the area.”

On May 1st, Light Infantry Battalion 408, based in Mutraw village fired three artillery rounds of 81-MM at Mae Nyu Hta village, Bu Tho Township, Mutraw District. The bombardment destroyed barns, a rice mill and turned 90 baskets of paddy to ash – there were no casualties.

Photo: KNU Mutraw News
He shelling by the Burma Army was in response to allied forces – the Burmese People’s Liberation Army (BPLA) including the KNLA – seizing the Kyout Nyat camp where Burma Army Battalion 434 resided. Burma Army used fighter jets to attack Mae Nu Hta village, causing civilians to run for safety.

On May 1, the Burma Military’s airstrikes destroyed 10 houses in Lay Kay village, Bee Lin Township (Brigade 1) of the KNU Thaton District.

A notice issued by the Karen National Defense Organization’s (KNDO) Battalion 2 Headquarters, warned the Border Guard Force (BGF) and Burma army camps in Lay Kay and Win Tar Pin villages to leave the area by April 2. The Military Council ignored the warning and responded with airstrikes in KNU Brigade 1 territory.

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