LNG Project Awaits Consent from Gov’t, Locals to Install Power Lines Across Two Townships in Karen State

Total will install overhead power transmission lines across two townships in the Karen State to transmit power from the LNG (liquefied natural gas) power plant in Kanbauk area of Yebyu Township in the Tanintharyi Region to a 500 kV substation in the Bago Region, according to project officials.

The project officials met with local residents in Kan Thar Oo Hall in Hpa-an on May 15 to inform the public about Kanbauk electricity project and seek their opinions.

“We have submitted a proposal concerning the project in 2017. At the same time, we have also submitted the project to the Department of Environmental Conservation to conduct EIA/SIA surveys. We have received an instruction to continue [our works],” Dr Aung Zaw Win, head of the project and public relations department under Total, told Karen News.

The project will transmit power from the Tanintharyi Region to the Bago Region via overhead power transmission lines and the power transmission lines will pass over Mon and Karen states including Hpa-an and Kyain-seikgyi townships in the Karen State.

Under the overhead power transmission line project, 149 towers will be built in the Tanintharyi Region, 239 towers in the Karen State, 641 towers in the Mon State, and 128 towers in the Bago Region and electricity produced from the project will be sold to Myanmar Electric Power Enterprise (MEPE).

According to Dr Aung Zaw Win, the 500-kV power transmission line is 280 miles (450 kilometers) long and it will be installed by Siemens and Total. The power transmission line will connect Kanbauk with Hpa Yar Gyi substation in the Bago Region and the project will start in 2019 and electricity can be produced in 2021.

During the meeting, the officials from the company told the public that they are conducting Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and will negotiate with government departments, local residents and community-based organizations to prevent the project from causing sufferings to the local residents.

“Compared to coal power, electricity can also be produced with natural gas. If you compare these two, I believe this project will have lesser disadvantages. It’s true that our state needs electricity. We won’t accept it if there is many disadvantages. We will accept it if there is lesser disadvantages and they promise to provide required amount of electricity to our state,” U Myint Shwe, who attended the meeting, told Karen News.

The project will pass over the villages near Kha Lel, Ta Khun Taing, Kyon Kha Wun, and Hpa Yar Ngar Su areas and Zar Tha Pyin area in Hpa-an Township in the Karen State.

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