Overseas Karen Youths Observe Border Situation to Provide Assistance

Karen migrant youths living abroad including the United States, Norway, the Netherlands and local Karen youths are cooperating in an observation program along the border areas and the refugee camps. They also provided their assistance there from December 27 to January 15.

Led by Power Mentor group, a team of Karen youths who migrated to foreign countries is observing the actual situations of the Karen people living along the border area. According to Naw Tha Dah Hser, one of the youth leaders, they are cooperating with local Karen youths for mutual learning, and providing necessary assistance.

“The Karen youths returned from abroad will learn experience of the local Karen youths and Karen youths from the border area will also learn from us mutually. Our main aim is [to enable] the local youths to lead [their communities] after we went back [home],” Naw Tha Dah Hser told Karen News.

She added that the youths wanted delivering assistance directly to the public even though they could give their assistance from abroad via the leaders of local organizations.

The youth team will be divided into three groups of medical outreach, leadership development, and community building to raise health awareness and provide medicine to the border area and refugee camps. They will carry out fieldwork and hold necessary meetings and exchange views with the public.

A total of 70 Karen youths from overseas, refugee camps, and the border area will meet with local Karen youth organizations based along the border and the leaders of the Karen National Union (KNU) and its departments. The youths will also carry out fieldwork in the area, according to the youth team.

“We get chance to learn leadership, medical knowledge, and public relations from them. These are for the development of the future. Moreover, we are also able to help our people while learning each other,” said Saw Mu Taw, a youth from the border area who is taking part in the program.

This was the third time ‘Power Mentor group’ led the excursion with the overseas Karen youths. More than a hundred Karen youths have already registered for the fourth program.

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