Burma’s Ethnic Youth Form Alliance to Build Trust and Federal Spirit

In an effort to foster trust in the country’s peace building and in future political movements, ethnic youth from all over Burma formed an alliance at their latest conference.

The National Ethnic Youth Conference was held from July 27 to August 1 in Panglong, Lwelin Township in southern Shan State. A Burma ethnic youth alliance comprised of 26 ethnic groups has been formed, according to the statement issued after the conference.

At the conference a total of 768 people including youth delegates from various ethnic groups, scholars, panelists and observers attended. The alliance has been formed with 26 central executive committee members, 78 central committee members with three delegates each from the 26 ethnic groups and the seven working groups.

Khaing Lamin, secretary general of the newly formed alliance said. “Our intention is to have more trust and love among ethnic youth to help build federalism, to solve the problems that have been happening in ethnic regions. We also want to help the peace process. The most important aim is to get youth included in the decision making process.”

According to the youth alliance statement, seven committees were formed including the National Equality and Reformation of Constitution, Peace and National Reconciliation, Rule of Law and Human Rights, Anti-narcotic, Education, Health, Preservation of Literature, Culture, Natural Environment, Investment of Resources and Policy for ethnic affairs and youth.

Saw Gypsy, a delegate from the Karen youth said the formation of the youth alliance was “I want all ethnic youth to participate. In building up our country, we are determined to participate in the government or administration to the best of our ability.”

Issues discussed at the youth conference included; federalism and peace building. Position papers from the 26 ethnic groups were also read and problems and solutions were also discussed. The nationwide National Youth Conference was the first in Burma and resulted in the formation of All Burma Ethnic Youth Alliance.

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