Resistance Forces Unite Efforts to Aid Evasion of Conscription Law

On March 5th, 41 resistance groups announced their collaboration to aid individuals in avoiding conscription and coordinate their relocation to liberated areas.

The statement outlined the resistance forces’ commitment to escalating their opposition against the military dictatorship, detailing five strategic responses aimed at thwarting the Junta’s enforcement of the conscription law.

Daw Hnin Hnin Hmway, spokeswoman for anti-Junta General Strike Committee (GSC) said, “The Military Council’s threats, kidnappings, and extortion tactics are instilling fear among the public, leading to heightened concern. Nobody desires to fight for the Military Council, yet the escape options remain limited, leaving people feeling utterly bewildered.

In solidarity with the populace, the resistance forces have resolved to offer aid.”

Among these initiatives were provisions aimed at aiding individuals displaced by the conscription law through facilitating connections with relevant organizations to offer assistance, and fostering long-term stability for these individuals.

The resistance forces aim to avert scenarios involving the arbitrary conscription of individuals who could potentially become assets for the Junta, while also extending invitations to civil organizations and the public to participate in the endeavor to forestall such circumstances.

Daw Hnin Hnin Hmway also emphasized the importance of the international community collaborating with the resistance forces including GSC and the people, to dismantle the Junta and dictatorship.

“We must unite to dismantle the Junta. It is crucial for the international community to grasp that the civil war in our nation stems from the Junta’s unjust arrests, torture, and killings. To prevent the perpetuation of the military regime, we urge global support through military, political, and diplomatic channels,” she emphasized.

Amidst the escalating Spring Revolution, the armed resistance against the military coup, the Junta encountered a severe manpower shortage, which led to their desperate measure in activating the conscription law. Nevertheless resistance forces maintain that the Junta’s illegitimacy renders any decree unlawful.

Following the Junta’s enforcement of the conscription law, individuals both within and outside its scope are being forcibly summoned for military service nationwide, prompting many young people to seek refuge in liberated areas or to depart the country through legal and illegal means.

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