56 Karen Revolutionaries Awarded KNU Gold Medals On 67th Karen Resistance Day

Karen freedom fighters who served in the revolution for 50 years were awarded gold medals on the 31 of January during the celebrations for the 67th anniversary of the Karen Resistance Day.

Padoh Saw Hla Tun, in charge of the organizing and information department of the Karen National Union said that the gold medals ceremony was included in a special program for the Karen Resistance Day event held at the Karen National Liberation Army’s 7th brigade Headquarter.

Speaking to Karen News, Pado Saw Hla Tun said.

“We have honored them for what they have done for the struggle. Now we’ve recognized the people and honored them for their sacrifices for the Karen revolution.”

The award selection committee included Naw Zipporah Sein, vice chairperson of the KNU as the committee chairperson and Pado Saw Khay Hsir as secretary. The awards were given by General Mutu Sae Poe, the KNU chairman.

Brigadier General Mahn Sha Tuh Gaw, a selection committee member said that the selection criteria were based mainly on the ones who have served 50 years for the revolution, who have always been disciplined and who have never had any punishments due to misconducts.

Lieutenant Colonel Saw Par Kaw, an acting Battalion Commander of theKNLA battalion #17, awarded a medal said, “I feel delighted. Now all my suffering and fatigue from the past have gone away and I’m much encouraged. I’ve already made up my mind to serve the revolution until I die.”

Others to be recognized for their contribution to the Karen cause included 17 revolutionaries who rejoined the struggle after release from government’s prisons and over 30 who have lost limbs and now have a disability were honored.

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