Burma Army Division Commander Pays High Price after Failing to Prevent Asia Highway Conflict With DKBA

The Burma Army was quick to replace its South-Eastern Division Commander, following his failure to prevent the recent closure of the Asia Highway due to fighting between the DKBA and government troops.

Major General Tin Maung Win was replaced by Brigadier General Myo Win attached to the Military Operation Command 19.

A security specialist based on Thai-Burma border who requested his name not be used said that the replacement is linked to the recent conflict between the Burma Army and the Democratic Karen Benevolent Army over control of the new Myawaddy-Kawkareik Asia Highway.

The security specialist said that Major General Tin Maung Win was not the only senior officer to lose his position, as Brigadier General Myo Moe Aung, Commander of the Military Operation Command #12 based in Kawkareik Town was also transferred.

Speaking to Karen News, the security specialist said.

“The transfer of Major General Tin Maung Win and the Kawkareik based Brigadier General Myo Moe Aung could be linked to the breakout of fighting with DKBA last month.”

After taking up the post, on August 26, the new South-Eastern Division’s Commander Brigadier General Myo Win came up to Myawaddy to monitor the security measures along the Asia Highway.

A Burma Army officer, in charge of road security, confirmed, that Brigadier General Myo Win was replaced by Major General Tin Maung Win in early August. The Burma Army officer said that the new commander takes responsibility for the security conditions in the area prior to the opening ceremony of the new Asia Highway scheduled to be held on August 30.

Currently, officials from both Thailand and Burma are increasing its security measures along the border for the opening ceremony for the new Asia Highway. It is expected that a foundation laying ceremony for the second Thai-Burma Friendship Bridge will happen around the same time. High-ranking military officers and politicians will attend both ceremonies. Karen News is led to understand that both Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister and Myanmar’s Vice-President will attend the ceremonies on 30th August.

The new Asia Highway opening, was previously scheduled to be held on July 20, had to be postponed due to fighting in early July between the government and DKBA troops.

Local based army officers told Karen News that the former South-Eastern Division Commander Major General Tin Maung Win is now an auditor-general of the Burma Army.

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