Dr Cynthia Calls For Police Violence Against Student Protesters to Stop

Opposition to the Burmese government’s use of force against students protesting over the introduction of an education bill is growing.

Dr Cynthia Maung, founder of the Mae tao Clinic on the Thai Burma border said that the use of force undermines democratic reform. Speaking to Karen News Dr Cynthia said.

“The students are exercising their right to freedom of speech, assmebly and freedom of association, the ideals that democracy is built on.”

Dr Cynthia offered her support to the peaceful student protesters and told Karen News that the government’s action to the protesters sends a message worldwide “how they regard the country’s transition to democracy.”

Students protesting over an education bill that they claim will infringe on academic freedoms have been on the receiving end of a violent crackdown by police.

Student leaders have been reported as saying they are not after power and only want changes made to the education law.

Dr Cynthia was joined in her support of the student protest by Saw Nay Htoo, a director at the Burma Medical Association, who spoke to Karen News about his concerns over the unecessary use of violence by the police and the government’s failure to listen to the students concerns.

“We support the students right to peacefully protest and call on the government to stop its use of violence against the students. The government needs to use peaceful dialogue to solve these problems.”

Saw Nay Htoo said that the use of violence does not solve political problems.

“Past experience has shown that the use of force does not take the country closer to democracy.”

The Karen National Union, karen political parties and students networks have supported the students right to peacefully demonstrate against the givernment’s education law. The United States and the European Union, which have supprted Burma’s fledgling move towards democracy after more than 60 years of military rule, also condemned the violence of the country’s police force.

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