Burma Campaign UK: Call for the Release of Political Activist, Sein Than

The Burma Campaign UK has launched a campaign calling for the release of a Burmese political activist, Sein Than, currently serving a two-year prison sentence for leading peaceful protests to support people demanding compensation or return of their land confiscated by the government’s military.

In a statement released today, the Burma Campaign UK “urged people to email President Thein Sein calling on him to free Sein Than, and repeal the protest law and other repressive laws used to jail political activists.”
Burma Campaign UK said that Sein Than, was arrested by the government authorities on 31st July 2014 for leading peaceful protests in Rangoon.

Burma Campaign UK claimed that the “protesters were calling for the military-backed government to solve the land disputes in Rangoon that took place in the early 1990s. Sein Than was charged under Article 18 of the Peaceful Assembly Law for protesting without government permission, and the Yangon Municipal Act for disrupting sidewalks during his peaceful protests. Five different township courts filed lawsuits against Sein Than under Article 18 of the Peaceful Assembly Law.”

In September 2014, Sein Than was “sentenced to a four-month jail sentence under the Yangon Municipal Act, and was given a one year and six month prison sentence under Article 18. He is currently serving a two year sentence in Insein prison.”

Wai Hnin, campaigns officer at Burma Campaign UK said in its statement that, “Sein Than is one of a growing number of political prisoners jailed under a new and more repressive law than under the military dictatorship”, said. “Sein Than is basically in jail for standing on a pavement without government permission. Laws used to jail peaceful protestors and activists must be repealed immediately.”

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