Karen National Party Members Undergo Government Vetting Process

Founding members of the newly formed Karen National Party (KNP) are currently going through a vetting process with the Government’s Interior Ministry following its June 4th submission to register as an official political party.

Mahn Kyaw Nyein, a KNP’s founder told Karen News that the majority of the 15 founding members had already being vetted and there were only “one or two left for questioning.”

“Most of the 15 people have been questioned. All our members from Einme and Kyaung Gon Township went through the process,” said Mahn Kyaw Nyein.

The vetting process, standard procedure for the formation of all new political parties in Burma, checks the personal history of the party leaders including whether they have a criminal record. The founding members of the KNP will have to report their party’s constitution in person to the country’s capital, Naypyidaw, including the KNP’s flag and logo.

Mahn Min Ye Htwe, who is serving as party leader told Karen News. “We have already prepared and defined the logo, flag, and structures of the party. However, we still need to wait about two-months for the party’s registration approved following the vetting on the party founders.”

The 15 founding members of the Karen National Party includes Mahn Thein Shwe, Mahn Kyaw Nyein, Mahn Ye Min Htwe and Nant Shu Aye Klaine from Rangoon Division, Saw Joseph, Mahn Htaine Win Maung and Mahn Htaine Win Sein from Pantanaw township, Mahn Win They and Mahn Ohn Maung from Kyaunggon township, Mahn Aung Myint and Mahn Aung Phone Han from Einme township, Mahn Aye Khaine and Mahn Kyaw Aye from Wakema township in Irrawaddy Division, Saw K’paw Moo from Bago township and Nant Khwar Nyo from Twintay township.

The Bago, Ragoon and Irrawaddy Divisions based Karen National Party claims its aims are promoting ethnic equality for the Karen people, asserting the rights of Karen to self-determination and the establishment of a Federal Union State with the cooperation of other ethnic groups.

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