Residents Demand Chit Linn Myaing Quarry Company to Leave after Extracting all Permitted Stones

Local residents of Lun Nya Village have demanded Chit Linn Myaing Company to withdraw the rock quarry project at the Lun Nya Mountain in Hpa-an Township, Karen State after the company has produced rocks from all permitted amount of suds even though the project duration is not over.

The local residents made the demand to Col Saw Chit Thu from the company during the first meeting between the company’s officials and the local residents at a monastery in Lun Nya Village on May 1.

“We won’t take the fund given to us, but please leave after the project has been completed. Another thing is to remove the asphalt plant, which is running in that place and emitting bad odor. They should help the local residents who have been affected by their project. This is our main demands,” said Saw Nyine Phyu, a local resident of Lun Nya.

The local residents have refused to take the fund from the company and demanded the company to withdraw the rock quarry project as they are worried over the project threatening their health and livelihood.

The company has received a three-year license from the government to run the project and will produce rocks from 130,000 suds. The company has offered to pay Ks 2,000 per suds for local development fund.

“Our Chit Linn Myaing Company applied for license from the government for the benefit of local residents. After learning about the sufferings of the local residents, our company wants to carry out in accord with the desire of the local residents. But, the government will continue to carry out its project,” Col Saw Chit Thu, who is also secretary of the Karen State Border Guard Forces, told the local residents during the meeting.

Local residents held a press conference over the project’s lack of transparency on November 22, 2017 and submitted a letter of objection to the Karen State Chief Minister.

The government granted license to Chit Linn Myaing Toyota Company to produce crushed rock from Lun Nya Mountain to upgrade the highway between Kawkareik and Eindu with funding from the Asia Development Bank (ADB). However, the CRBC (China Road and Bridge Corporation) has been producing the crushed rocks from the rock quarries.

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