KNU Urge Gov’t To Use Karen Teachers For Census Survey

Karen National Union officials have proposed the government use local based teachers as data collectors when the planned census is conducted in KNU control areas.

KNU officials in Dooplaya district told Karen News that they have proposed to the Karen State Census Committee to use local teachers in Dooplaya district for the census.

The proposal was made during a meeting held in the 2nd week of February in Kya-in Seikgyi Township, between secretary of State Census Committee, U Htein Win, the head of the State Immigration Department and KNU district and township administrative official, Padoh Saw Liston, Secretary of KNU’s Dooplaya district.

Padoh Saw Liston told Karen News that, “We wanted local school teachers to collect the census data. They are more familiar and have more understanding of situation in this region. They [government census committee] also agree with the proposal and said that we [KNU] can make changes to the list of data collectors they prepared. KNU can make list of data collectors and merge or added to their list.”

According to sources who attended the meeting, the list of school teachers from four townships in Dooplaya district – Kyon Doe, Kawkareik, Kya-in Seikgyi and Win-Yay townships – have to be submitted by February 17.

Data collectors working with the government on the census information will be linked to the local immigration department.

Saw Tint Lwin, the deputy director of the Karen State Immigration Department, said that language barriers could cause mistakes in the collection of data and could result in misinformation.

KNU officials offered to help identify and select from the listed schoolteachers the right people for the data collection, as there are schoolteachers in Karen State who are not ethnic Karen.

According to State Immigration Department records 2,479 people will be assigned as data collectors while another 679 people will be assigned for verification of the data of the proposed census in Karen state.

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