President releases 73 political prisoners, but hundreds more await potential prison sentences

Burma’s government released 73 prisoners on the 23rd of July, a move welcomed by the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP).

The AAPP is cautious in it’s praise of the current release of political prisoners made by Burma’s government.

“Despite the positive steps taken in freeing those imprisoned, there is still the increasing issue of the number of current activists working openly inside Burma facing indictment and imprisonment for their political actions.”

The AAPP also stated it’s concerns about hundreds of unresolved cases involving the arrest and potential imprisonment of human rights advocates and political opponents to the military-dominated government.

“AAPP is aware of over a hundred political and human rights activists who are currently awaiting trial, having been arrested for expressing their views in peaceful demonstrations.”

AAPP, a political prisoner advocacy group noted that while the latest release of prisoners was a good sign, the government was still engaged in intimidation and arbitrary arrest of political opponents.

“AAPP is concerned that regardless of the number of political prisoners being released, there is still an unacceptably high number of people being arrested and charged for their political beliefs and activities.”

AAPP said that jailing people for their opposition to the government is a barrier to achieving national peace.

“The ongoing harassment and incarceration of human rights activists and demonstrators is a major obstacle to achieving the goal of national reconciliation and political freedom.”

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