Military’s bombing practice terrifies villagers

The Burma military conducting jet fighter bombing practice in Htan Tabin Township, Taungoo District have not informed villagers so that they can take safety precautions. Villagers going to work on their farms have been terrified as jets drop their deadly loads.

Padoh Saw Eh Wah, chairperson of the KNU Taungoo District confirmed the villagers fears to Karen News.

“During the days, the military aircraft are doing their bombing training. I was just watching the training. I see the aircrafts flying and I heard the bombing.”

The military training is taking place four miles from the eastern Htan Tabin Township, the nearby villagers affected are Kyungone, Shwezay, Paepot, Chaungwa, Yaykyaw and Karenni Gone. Villagers say the Burma Airforce conducted similar bombing training on May 20.

A villagers said the bombing terrified villagers as after similar training last year in their area the Burma military used helicopters and jets against the Kachin.

“Villagers working on their lands are afraid when they hear the sound of bombing. We need to be given warning. After bombing training [in Taungoo area] in November, 2012, the Kachin were attacked.”

The villagers said that two aircrafts were involved in dropping bombs and that the aircraft are from the Southern Command headquarters in Taungoo.

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