Government Minister joins Karen New Year celebrations

The Minister of Border and Security Affairs, Colonel Zaw Lwin, representing the government, joined with more than 4000 Karen people to celebrate Karen New Year Day, January 12, in Myitta village, Tenasserim Divion, in southern Burma.

The KNU Mergui-Tavoy District Secretary, Padoh Saw Thaw Thi Pay, told the gathering that life for Karen in the area had got better since the ceasefire, but the whole country needed peace.

“The government is trying to build a just and sustainable peace, I feel that for our Karen people life is improving. We will continue striving for our Karen destiny. We will cooperate with other ethnic peoples, other citizens of Burma for the nationwide peace – the government alone cannot build peace.”

The ceremony was attend by the Minister of Border and Security Affairs, Colonel Zaw Lwin in his speech to the crowd said.

“The peace that we have reached now is sustainable and we will continue to implement it develop the Tenaythanyi Division. I urge our brothers, people and elders to help and support us.”

The KNU chairman, Saw Mu Tu Say Poe in a speech sent to the Karen New Year Day celebrations said.

“To solve the Karen political problem, the KNU met with the government and agreed to a ceasefire and we will implement it step-by-step until we negotiate a solution to the political issues – as our past experience has taught us the negotiations will be carried out with caution and awareness.”

The Karen New Year Day celebrations were attended by Karen people from the KNU controlled area, Thai-Burma border and from government controlled areas in Paw Klo, Ka Moe Thway, Dawei Kee and Kler Mu Tee.

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