Ethnic alliance warn government attacks on Kachin show its true position towards the country ethnic groups

Naing Han Tha, a spokesperson for a key ethnic alliance, the United Nationalities Federal Council compared the attacks on the Kachin by the Burma government’s military as an attack on all ethnic people in the country.

Naing Han Tha, the general secretary of the UNFC told Karen News that its members are opposed to the government’s attacks on the Kachin.

“The UNFC members are upset about the attacks on Kachin. We all demand the government stops its offensive in Kachin State.”

Naing Han Tha said that the UNFC would be reconsidering its current political and military positions if the government troops do not stop the attacks in Kachin State.

The UNFC issued a statement in early January condemning the governments use of jet fighters and helicopters that have been bombarding the Kachin Independent Army camps at Laijayang and Namhsenyan and the use of heavy artillery, including 105mm and 120mm mortars.

The UNFC statement pointed out that despite its agreement with government peace mediators to try to solve political problems by political means, but the current attacks on the Kachin, indicates the government has reneged on its agreement.

Naing Han Tha criticised the government’s handling of ethnic issues and warned that the government’s attack could be the start of campaigns against the other ethnic groups.

Speaking to Karen News, Naing Han Tha said.

“If the government continues its action, there could be offensives against the Shan, who bordered with the Kachin. We will consider the Kachin’s situation and discuss what we will do for our next step.”

The UNFC statement blamed the government and its military for trying to dominate and enslave ethnic nationalities.

The UNFC was initially formed on February 2011 with six ethnic armed groups – the Kachin Independent Organization, the Karen National Union, the New Mon State Party, the Shan State Progressive Party/Shan State Army, the Karenni National Progressive Party and the Chin National Front – in November this year the UNFC was reformed with membership doubling to 12.

The Palong State Liberation Front, Lahu Democratic Union, Arankan National Council, Wa Natioanl Organizaiton, Pa’o Natianl Liberation Organization and Kachin National Organization are now all equal members of UNFC.

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