Burma Army forces Karen civilians to transport its supplies

Despite ceasefire agreements the Burma is forcing Karen civilians to use their private vehicles to transport military supplies to and from army camps.

Villagers allege that last week the Burma Army forcibly took three civilian pickup trucks in the Waw Lay area, Myawaddy Township in Karen State to transport supplies.

Burma Army troops from 310th and 275th Infantry Battalions, under the Military Operations Command 19th, forced three civilian trunks from Lay Gaw and U Poe Hta villages to transport their rations to the Burma Army base at Maw Poe Kalo.

A resident [who asked not to be named], told Karen News.

“It took two hours by car from Waw Lay to Maw Poe Kalo village. They should at least pay for the petrol after using our trucks, but they didn’t pay for anything. We didn’t feel good about that, but we were afraid to ask the Burma Army to pay us.”

The resident said that it was wrong that Burma Army soldiers make civilians work for them without paying and that the Burmese Army has little sympathy for villagers.

The three taken civilian pickup trucks were used to send army rations to the Maw Poe Kalo camp where the 106th Infantry Battalion, under the command of Colonel Aung Myat Soe is based.

Civilians are concerned that fighting among the large number of soldiers located in and around their villages could breakout. Burma Army battalions, under the Military Operations Command 19th, the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA) and the Karen National Liberation Army are operating in the Waw Lay area.

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