Democratic Alliance of Burma condemns government attack on Kachin

The Democratic Alliance of Burma (DAB), an opposition alliance group issued a statement condemning the use of jet fighters by the Burmese government in attacks the Kachin, yesterday.

The DAB statement said that by increasing its attacks on the Kachin Independent Army will lead to doubt and distrust in any future ceasefire talks between the KIA and the government.

The DAB general secretary, U Myo Win, told Karen News that his organisation has urged the government to solve the conflict in Kachin State by plotical means. U Myo Win said that the problems in Kachin State are political problems and using military force would not solve the issues – political problems have to be solved by political means through negotiation and mediation.

Speaking to Karen News, U Myo Win said.

“Even though the U Thein Sein government is saying that they are willing to talk, but what they are doing now is casting doubt over all the current ceasefire processes being held with the ethnic nationalities. It raises a lot of questions. What the government needs to do is to stop all attacks and unconditionally implement nationwide ceasefire.”

U Myo Win pointed out that under the 2008 constitution, there is no way that the current political problems can be solved or a genuine peace achieved. U Myo Win said that under the 2008 constitution there is no guarantee for equal right or self-determination.

Padoh Mahn Mahn, the newly elected joint secretary of the Karen National Union – a member organization of DAB and currently in ‘peace-talks with the government, told Karen News.

“These offensives should not be happening, not while we are in process of peace building. If the offensive continues, it will be difficult for us [KNU] to build up trust in order to continue our peace building.”

The DAB statement said that although the government has engaged in dialogue with ethnic armed groups at various times, the dialogue never reaches a point where it is acceptable to the ethnic groups. The DAB statement noted that as a reason the country has been plague by decades of civil war and armed conflict. The DAB statement said.

“We have had civil war in our country for over 60 years. For the sake of the country, if the government is genuinely willing to take productive steps, they need to stop all the conflicts. Only then, we will be able to take the next step to build up a federal union – which is what the ethnic nationalities want.”

DAB was formed on the 18th November 1988, it includes 21 ethnic armed groups and democratic forces with the objective to bring about peace, human rights, democracy and a federal union in Burma.

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