KNU to open the fourth liaison office in Myawaddy

The Karen National Union will open a fourth liaison office on the 18th of August in the Burma border town of Myawaddy in Karen State to help with the cooperation between the Burma government and the KNU, especially in the Karen National Liberation Army’s 6th and 7th Brigade areas.

An officer from the Karen National Liberation Army 7th Brigade spoke to Karen News.

“The liaison office we are opening is a joint office for our two brigades – 6 and 7. We will carry out this according to what we have been ordered to do.”

According to the invitation card of the ceremony, the liaison office opening will be taking place from 10am to 12am at Thirimingala Street in Myawaddy Town. On April 9 and 10, the KNU opened two liaison offices – one at Kyaukgyi Town in Pegu Division and one at Dawei Town in Tenniserrim Division. On May 15, the KNU officially opened its third liaison office in Three Pagoda Pass Town, Dooplaya District, Karen State that is expected to serve as the branch office for the Dooplaya District.

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