KNPP opens liaison office

The Karenni National Progressive Party opened its first Liaison Office in Loi Kaw town, Karenni state on Wednesday July 25 to help achieve better official communication between the government and the KNPP.

Khu Denia who was assigned as office-in-chief told Karen News that the new Liaison Office will try to work with the government to ensure the recently signed ceasefire agreement arrangements are followed and to continue support for any future peace initiatives.
Khu Denia said.

“We will work together with the government officials to strengthen our peace building processes and to enforce civilian are given their rights. Of major importance is to maintain the current ceasefire agreement between us and the government.”

Representatives from the KNPP central executive and the Kayah State Chief Minister, U Khin Maung Oo, attended the opening ceremony for the new Liaison Office.

Khu Denia said the KNPP is planning to open liaison offices in Shadaw and Hpasawng later this month.

The KNPP and government reach an union level ceasefire agreement on June 9 – opening the Liaison Offices were part of 14 points agreed to at the peace-talks.

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