KNU to close down antimony mining companies

The Karen National Union are about to close down two antimony mining companies operating in the Maw Lu Taung (known locally) area in Papun Township that are working in a KNU controlled area. Karen News understands that the KNU will stop the mining companies activities by the end of April.

Padoh Saw Tender, KNU chairman of Papun District, told Karen News.

“We permitted companies to mine in the area from January to April last year. But we now need to reconsider it again for this year as local people complained to us about problem associated with the mining.”

The two companies responsible for the mine operations are based in Yangon – Myint Myat San, owned by Sai Thura and Htut Khaung owned by Ko Cho. Both companies started their antimony mining fields received permission from the KNU in 2006 run the mines that are located between Papun Township, Karen state and Bilin Township (also known as Thaton District) in Mon State.

Padoh Saw Per Nu, KNU chairman in Thaton District told Karen News.

“Local people informed us about the negative impacts of the mining on their plantations. So, we decided to take back our permission at the end of this month (April).”

Local villagers in the Ta Gay Laung area said the companies have been mining incessantly since 2006.

A Ta Gay Laung villager accused the companies for destroying their plantations and killing their cattle. Villagers say their waterways are polluted from the mining fields. Villagers allege nine palm plantations, four betel-leaf plantations, three pepper plantations and two farms were destroyed. Villagers claim the polluted water killed their cattle.

Villagers have not received compensation from the companies for the destruction of their waterways or to their land.

The KNU have not released official details of the money that they generate from the outsourcing of mining concessions.

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