KNU and Suu Kyi focused on responsible development

Naw Zipporah Sein, general secretary of the Karen National Union told Karen News that it is too early for the international community to lift sanctions imposed on Burma. Ms. Sein said there is a need for the government to implement more political reforms and a countrywide ceasefire.

“It is not the time to remove the sanctions – the international community should at least wait until all ethnic conflicts are resolved.”

Ms. Sein said the KNU’s peace talks with the government are still a step-by-step proposition.

“We are serious about wanting peace, but peace has to be achieved through political dialogue and by a political process, there are many issues. The government has much more to do to prove its commitment to the peace process.”

Ms. Sein said in that in discussions with President Thein Sein he had stated the KNU would be removed from the list of illegal political organizations.

“We are still regarded as an illegal organization, but President Thein Sein is working on this step-by-step.”
Ms. Sein said the KNU’s meeting with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was meaningful.

“We have the same focus, a peaceful resolution to the country’s problems. We agreed there is a need for and effective rule of law to protect all citizens’ rights and that all development is responsible and sustainable.

Development projects need to have impact assessments carried out on effects on both the community and the environment.”

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