KNU and Burmese government reached historic agreement on a formal cease-fire

The Karen National Union and the Burma Government delegations achieved 13 common positions in formalizing an initial historic ceasefire agreement between the two sides at their ‘peace talks’ held yesterday, April 6, at the Sedona Hotel in Rangoon.

After one day of negotiations, both sides agreed to adopt the principal of “progressive realization” and work towards a nationwide ceasefire, especially in the country’s ethnic regions.

The agreed on 13 decisions reached by the two sides were read out and presented to a large crowd of waiting media.

The KNU and Burma government said they had discussed, agreed and prepared a “ceasefire code of conduct” to guarantee security for the people.

Both sides agreed to implement peace-building groups at a District, Township and Village track levels. Both side decide to found local “cease-fire monitory group” end the end of May. It was also agreed to allow, “international monitoring” when the cease-fire progresses further.

Some of the other decisions reached included plans to resettle and rehabilitate internally displaced people, de-mining, resettlement of refugees, citizenship accreditation, implement a rule of law and working together towards “sustainable development”, landright issues, the participation in the peace building process of INGOs and local NGOs and the release of all Karen political prisoners.

The 13-member KNU delegations was led by the KNU’s general secretary, Naw Zipporah Sein, and the 12-member Burma government delegation was led by the Minister for Rail Transportation, U Aung Min.

International observers and Karen leaders also are allow to observe the negotiation process.

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