KWO welcome home KNU leader Mahn Nyein Maung

The Karen Women Organization released a media statement to say the release of the Karen National Union leader, Pado Mahn Nyein Maung, will strengthen the organizations peace efforts.

“His leadership and commitment to the Karen people have been missed and his return will strengthen our efforts for freedom.”

The Burma Government had promised KNU officials during ceasefire negotiations in January that Pado Mahn Nyein Maung would be released.

Nan Dah Eh Kler, Secretary of KWO said.
“We could not be happier that our leader Mahn Nyein Maung is released. The keeping of this promise will make us even more supportive of the peace process.”

The KWO media statement urged the Burma Government to continue “to act in good faith and end the ongoing human rights abuses in Karen State and against other ethnic people in Burma.”

The KWO said that the continued “use of forced labor, the confiscation of land, food and other supplies by the military.”

The KWO demanded the Burma Government that “the Karen people need their land returned to them and the military to withdraw from Karen State. We welcome the initial ceasefire and the release of Mahn Nyein Maung as first steps toward what we hope will be real peace and rights in Burma.”

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