KNU leader denies ceasefire agreement is signed

KNU leader refutes today’s media stories that the Karen had signed a ceasefire with the Burma government.

Saw David Thrackbaw, the Karen National Union vice-chairmen told Karen News that no ceasefire agreement has yet been signed with the Burma government delegation despite numerous media stories.

Burma’s Railway Minister, U Aung Min is in charge of the government’s delegation while the Karen National Liberation Army chief of staff, General Mutue Sae Poe, leads the KNU delegation.

“It is disingenuous of the Railway Minister, Aung Ming, to say so. He does not have the mandate to sign anything. He is overstepping his authority and at this stage is talking to much – only Burma’s President Thein Sein can ratify a ceasefire agreement and for the KNU it is our Central Committee.”

Saw David Thrackbaw questioned the rational and the timing behind the Railway Minister’s statement to the media claiming the ceasefire is a done deal.

“It’s easy to promise everything, I question why he’s [Railway minister] is such a hurry to get a ceasefire with the Karen. We are now entering the dry season and with a ceasefire in place, I imagine the Burma Army will be in hurry to resupply their 200 army camps in Karen State.”

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