Over 200 Locals Join 28th Traditional First Harvest Ceremony in Win-Yaw Area

More than 200 local residents took part in the celebration of the 28th Karen traditional new crop harvesting season at Dai-Lut-Ta-Mo-Wong Village under Win-Yaw area of Kyain-seikgyi Township, Karen State on January 1.

Nan Shar Si, member of the ceremony organizing committee, told Karen News that the traditional ceremony of new crop harvesting has been held since the Karen people gather their first crop in order to make ceremony by their families or villages in the month of ‘Pyatho’ once gathering the first harvest.

“Farming is the main source of livelihood for the Karen people. Every house collects the first crops from their farms and makes merit by providing meals to the elders,” said Nan Shar Si.

The ceremony was made to replenish the crops. During the ceremony, the local residents paid respect to the ‘phibiyaw’ (guardian of crops) with offering, paid homage to over 40 elders and enjoy the first crops. The ceremony concluded with the 12-month traditional “Karen Don Dance” performances.

An award ceremony for Karen literature (novel, poetry, and article) competition and performances of nine Karen Don Dance groups were held on the night of December 31 to mark the ceremony for eating the first crop.

“We, the youths, must continue to preserve the traditions like this ceremony of eating the first crop, which has been preserved by the elders. I’m happy that we have been able to share our Karen culture such as the literature competition and Don Dance performances,” said Saw Shar Phaung from Kha-Lel Village, who took part in the ceremony.

Win-Yaw area celebrates the Karen traditional ceremony of eating the first crop in Dai-Lut-Ta-Mo-Wong Village every year. The ceremony is customarily celebrated by the Karen people in other areas.

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