Schools closed in fear of more intense fighting

Fighting between the Kachin Independent Army and The Burma Army has forced the closure of 10 schools in the Mai Jar Yan area of Mong Mao Township in Kachin State.

Residents say they fear there will be intense fighting in the area and they worry for the safety of their children.

A woman villager from Mai Jar Yan area spoke to Karen News and explained that primary to high schools, including a high school in Mai Jar Yan Town, elementary and secondary schools in Mo Kha, Prankutong, Makhan, Prawa, Wingkhar and Hsaimaipa villages all had to be closed.

“People say there will be more fighting, so the Kachin Independence Organization advised community leaders to close the schools. There was a meeting held with village leaders on this matter. The KIO said that if attacked, they will defend and fighting will be intense.”

The woman villager said fighting can start anytime so local villagers have taken precautions and packed food and household items in preparation in case they have to run when fighting starts.

The schools that have been closed are run and located in KIO controlled areas.

On 26 November, during intense fighting on the border of Shan and Kaching State between Mong Mao and Wai Maw Townships between the Kachin Independence Army and Burma Army soldiers, it was reported government troops used a military helicopter.

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