KNLA ambush kills three and wounds six Burma Army Soldiers

Late last month the Karen National Liberation Army launched an attack on a Burma Army column in the Myit Tan area, Tanintharyi Division and killed three soldiers and wounded six soldiers.

An unnamed source close to the Burma Army told Karen News that the KNLA, Brigade 4 launched a morning attack on a 120 soldier column led by Major Min Htay, Light Infantry Battalion 407 as they patrolling between Sin Phyu Dai village and Myitta village.

“Around 9:30am, 20 fighters from the KNLA ambushed using tripwire mines, small and heavy weapons against LIB 407 close to the Asian Highway.”

According to the Burma Army source, an unidentified group is accused of beating to death three LIB 407 soldiers on 21 November. The three soldiers where traveling from Sin Phyu Dai to Myitta village.

A KNU source confirmed to Karen News that they had ambushed LIB 407 but denied all responsibility to do with the three soldiers beaten to death.

KNU Brigade 4, Mergui-Tavoy district leader Padoh Kwe Htoo Win refuted the accusations in regard to the three soldiers beaten to death.

“Yes, fighting did happen between the KNLA and Burma Army. But I do not have a report on the three Burma Army soldiers beaten to death. I find it difficult to believe this case. Three armed soldiers being kill by beaten? I think it is just a made up the story, so the Burma Army can justified its attacks on villagers in the area.”

Following the incident, Padoh Kwe Htoo Win says the Burma Army has threatened residents in the area and restricted their travel movements.

Despite political talk of ceasefire by the government, the reality for this region of Karen State is that there are been at least six Burma Army Battalions and KNLA Brigade 4 fighters in frequent battles.

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