DKBA factions meet with government representatives

Burma’s state owned newspaper, Kyaymon [The Mirror], reported early this week that representatives from the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army and representatives from the central level of Thein Sein’s government met for the first time on December 11 in Pa-an Town, Karen State.

Based on an agreement reached at a preliminary meeting on 3rd November, representatives from the DKBA, led by Major General Saw Lah Pwe and Burma government representative from central level led by Member of Parliament U Aung Thaung met for further talks.

Both sides signed an agreement that listed six points – 1) confirm temporary agreements reached at the 3rd November preliminary meeting, 2) not to separate Karen State from the Union of Burma, 3) uphold the three main national causes, (a) Non-disintegration of the Union, (b) Non-disintegration of the National Solidarity and (c) Perpetuation of Sovereignty, 4) set up temporary base at Sone Zee Myaing and carry out local development for the DKBA’s Klo Htoo Baw soldiers families in the Sukali area, 5) corporate with the government to eradicate [illicit] drugs and 6) continue to hold further talks to build lasting peace.

Major Saw Lone Lon, from the DKBA vaguely explained aspects of the agreements to Karen News.

“The President [Thein Sein] laid down six points and we basically talked and discuss them thoroughly before signing on it. We also raised some issues and they [government representatives] will report back to the president. That’s all.”

This time last year, the DKBA Klo Htoo Baw group, led by Major General Saw Lah Pwe, were in conflict with their former bosses – the Burma Army – after they had rejected orders to become a Border Guard Force militia.

According to the current agreement, the DKBA’s Klo Htoo Baw factions are to set up a temporary base in the Sone Zee Myaing area in Myawaddy Township.

The DKBA, led by Abbot U Thu Zana from Myaing Gyi Ngu, broke away from the Karen National Union in 1994 and aligned with the Burma military regime until the 2010 election when factions refused orders to transformed into the BGF under the direct control of Burma Army.

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