Burma women’s group calls for peace

The Women League of Burma has called for an end to the civil war and atrocities with other six points of recommendation to the Burma government in their statement released on 21st September to mark the United Nation’s International Day of Peace.

The WLB’s statement agrees and respects calls made by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi in her open letter to Burma’s elected government, to start immediate nationwide cease-fire talks with ethnic armed groups and to forge a peaceful resolution of the ongoing conflicts in ethnic states.

The WLB statement called for a stop to all human right violations, including sexual abuse, to stop the impunity of perpetrators and for the unconditional release of all political prisoners.

In their statement, the WLB pointed out that mega development projects in Burma will bring suffering to local civilians.

Lway Nway Hnaung, an executive member of the WLB told Karen News that the current government’s mega development projects such as Ayawaddy Myit Sone dam, the Dawei $60 billion seaport and industrial site and other gas and oil projects in Arakan State will damage the environment and cause mass displacement.

She said the projects are a cause for concern.

“Our main concern is that because of the Ayawaddy Myit Sone dam, local residents are going to be relocated and will face many difficulties. They will be jobless. There will be more deployment of troops at the dam sites. Local civilians will be at risk of being taken as porters and specifically, we worry that sexual violations against women will increase.”

The WLB expressed their concerns over the current situation in Burma at the time of the 10th anniversary of the International Peace Day, as there are no significant changes that will lead to the end of civil war.

The United Nation declared International Day of Peace on September 21 aiming to create, from development and peace of individuals, organizations and nations to the security, peace and development of the region and taking this opportunity to discuss ceasefire, peace and development for the worldwide.

WLB was established in 1999 as an umbrella organization for women’s organizations from Burma.

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