Norwegian NGO and Burma’s immigration ministry pilot citizen ID program in Karen State

August 7, 2012  •  Author: Karen News

Burma’s Ministry of Immigration and Population (MOIP) in Hpa-An, Karen State along with the Norwegian Refugee council (NRC), has jointly launched a new program aiming to speed-up the distribution of Citizen Scrutiny Cards (CSC’s) to populations in remote areas of Burma. ... Read more ►

I am Tabluklee – the cowboy…

June 30, 2012  •  Author: Khar Su Nyar (KIC)

A small Karen boy leads two large brown bulls in search of a much-needed feed of grass. The summer sun has baked the ground hard and dried the grass brittle. The boy is wedged between the huge animals his small frame dwarfed by their bulk. The boy, Saw Tabluklee, blinks aga... Read more ►

Burma Army reinforcements run into Karen minefield – six dead

February 12, 2012  •  Author: Khar Su Nyar (KIC)

A Karen military source has confirmed to Karen News that the Burma Army is building up reinforcements and re-supplying its bases despite a KNU delegation and government representatives agreeing in principle to a ceasefire on January 12. The Karen National Liberation Army, es... Read more ►

Despite ceasefire talks Burma Army abuses continue in Karen State

February 6, 2012  •  Author: Karen News

A report by the humanitarian group Free Burma Rangers (FBR) has accused the Burma Army of human rights abuses and armed mobilization in Karen State despite Burma’s Government holding ceasefire negotiations with Karen leaders two weeks ago. (more…) Related Posts:Kar... Read more ►

Reconciliation in Burma – A pipedream?

October 29, 2011  •  Author: Nan Paw Gay (KIC)

An alliance of humanitarian agencies working with displaced people from Burma say the current, if small signs, of a shift to democratic reform in the country offers an opportunity to resolve ethnic conflict. The alliance, the Thailand Burma Border Consortium’s, annual sur... Read more ►

Burma’s ruling party want Karen recruits

September 21, 2011  •  Author: Saw Thein Myint (KIC)

The Union Solidarity and Development Party, Burma’s ruling party are on a recruitment drive to gain party members in Karen State, according to local residents. Local USDP members in Three Pagoda Pass area of Kyain Seikgyi Township in Karen State are campaigning in villages... Read more ►

Karen MP asks for EU aid

September 17, 2011  •  Author: Saw Khar Su Nyar (KIC)

A Karen political party, Plao-Swaw Democratic Party (PSDP) urged the European Union to help civilians in Papun, Kyain Seikygi and southern Kawkariek Township, Karen state. The request comes after Ms Kristalina Georgieva, the EU Commissioner for International Cooperation, Hu... Read more ►

Emergency medicine needed for influenza victims

September 13, 2011  •  Author: Nan Thoo Lei (KIC)

A severe influenza outbreak among school children in Si Poe Khee village, Pai Kyone Township last week has so far infected more than 40 children. Saw Mu Ka Paw, the Si Poe Khee school’s head master said many children were unable to attend school and people are worried the... Read more ►

DKBA reform

September 12, 2011  •  Author: Saw Khar Su Nyar (KIC)

A Democratic Karen Buddhist Army commander told Karen News that the breakaway DKBA factions that refused to give up their Karen identity and come under the direct control of the Burma Army by becoming members of the Border Guard Force have begun restructuring their political... Read more ►

I Am Both Angry And Grateful To The International Community

August 19, 2011  •  Author: Zoya Phan

I don’t think many people in the west have any real understanding of what it is like to be driven out of your country, to have to flee for your life, leaving your possessions, friends, everything you know behind you, and never knowing if or when you will ever being able to... Read more ►

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