Peace Monk released from hospital following Pa-an car crash

Ashin Pinnya Thami, the renowned monk from Taunggalay Monastery, was injured and hospitalized following a car accident on his way from Pa-an to Rangoon on January 29. Following treatment for an eye injury the Abbott was released from Taunggalay Army Hospital.

Ashin Pinnya Thami assistant, U Ahga O’tha, spoke to Karen News.

“Ashin Pinnya Thami is back working at our missionary office. There are just some small bruises under his eyes but his health is the same as before.”

Witnesses at the accident site said Ashin Pinnya Thami damaged one of his eyes in the crash.

The car that Ashin Pinnya Thami was traveling in crashed with a truck loaded with cement bags. Speaking to Karen News, a source close to the monk said.

“The truck loaded with cement bags was driving on the Mu-don Highway when it overtook a tractor – it was completely on the wrong side of the road where the Sayadaw’s [monk] car was coming in the opposite direction. When, it crashed, the Sayadaw’s [monk] left eye was injured, he couldn’t see anything – his eye is still swollen.”

Besides Ashin Pinnya Thami, three other people in the monk’s car were injured, U Thint Lwin and Ko Hlaing Win and the driver, Saw Aye Myaing. The driver was more seriously injured, with skull and ribs injuries – he was treated in the Taunggalay Army Hospital at Pa-an.

A witness to the road accident criticized police who attended the incident.

“Travelers didn’t help or send the inured people to hospital. The most shameful thing was the police – they just ask for names, where we lived, the monk’s name and then took our keys, car license and did nothing.” Ashin Pinnya Thami is an advisory to the Karen Peace Committee (KPC) based in Karen State.

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