Karen Blame Burma Army’s Lack of Respect For Ceasefire Agreement For Latest Fighting

March 3, 2016  •  Author: S'Phan Shaung

Fighting broke out between the Burma Army and Karen fighters in Papun Township, northern Karen State on February 24, over claims that the government soldiers had violated a ceasefire agreement. The dispute began when the Burma Army transported food rations to its frontline ... Read more ►

Forced to Pay to Farm Their Own Land, Villagers Now Demand Burma Army Returns Their Confiscated Land

February 19, 2016  •  Author: Saw Tun Lin

War Zwin villagers in Pulaw Township, Tannitharyi Division want their confiscated lands return to them. The villagers’ lands were taken in 2001by Burma Army to make way for the No.12 Secondary Military Training School. Saw Hser K’paw Doh, a War Zwin villager told Karen N... Read more ►

BGF Militia Commander’s Truck Attacked by Unknown Group With Mines and Guns

February 9, 2016  •  Author: S'Phan Shaung

A pick-up truck carrying a commander of the Border Guard Force and troops was attacked by an unknown armed group on the old Myawaddy-Kawkareik Road last week – no casualties were reported. The incident happened on the 2nd February, 2016 at about 4 pm when a pick-up tru... Read more ►

Human Rights Organisation Allege Government ‘Cover-up’ at the “Highest Levels” in Murder Investigation

January 21, 2016  •  Author: Karen News

The Burma Army covered up evidence that members of its armed forces may have raped and murdered two young Kachin teachers last year, a report released by the Kachin Women’s Association Thailand (KWAT) alleged. The report, entitled ‘Justice Delayed, Justice Denied,’ pre... Read more ►

New Burma Army Attacks in Northern Shan State

December 25, 2015  •  Author: Karen News

As the world celebrates Christmas, villagers in northern Burma have fled their their homes in fear Burma Army attacks. Burma Army offensives are underway in northern Shan State, with reports of a village being torched and civilians being used as forced labourers and guides. ... Read more ►

‘Tens of Thousands’ of Civilians Displaced in new Burma Army Attacks

December 16, 2015  •  Author: Karen News

A humanitarian aid organisation said that Burma Army offensives during October and November have displaced more than 10,000 civilians,. The Free Burma Rangers, delivers medical aid and monitors conflict areas inside Burma, recorded 92 new armed clashes in parts of Northern S... Read more ►

Shan farmers Demand Justice for Slain Villager Killed by Government soldier

December 11, 2015  •  Author: Karen News

More than 300 farmers from different parts of Shan State gathered to honour the memory of a fellow farmer, Loong Sarm, who was shot and killed by Burmese Government soldiers on October 13. Loong Harm, 54, was travelling alongside 14 others to monitor mining operations in Loi... Read more ►

Local NGOs Accuse Government of ‘War Crimes’ in Shan State Conflict

December 11, 2015  •  Author: Karen News

A coalition of Shan community based organisations has accused the Burmese Government of committing ‘war crimes’ in the ongoing Shan State conflict. At a press conference held in Bangkok, Thailand, more than 30 Shan community organisations, including Shan Human Rights Fou... Read more ►

Burma Army Accused of Using Sexual Violence in Shan State Conflict

November 30, 2015  •  Author: Karen News

Burma Army soldiers are perpetrating sexual violence against women in conflict areas inside Shan State, according to a local human rights organisation. The Shan Human Rights Foundation documented at least eight cases of sexual violence committed by Burma Army soldiers in ce... Read more ►

Shan Call for Halt in Burma Army Attacks

October 20, 2015  •  Author: Karen News

Ethnic Shan human rights organisations have urged the Government to halt Burma Army attacks in Shan State, saying these attacks undermine hopes for a lasting peace agreement. The statement, which was signed by 18 organisations including the Shan Human Rights Foundation and t... Read more ►

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