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A medic assists in an emergency delivery at an IDP camp in Kachin State (Photo: KWAT)

Medics Struggling to Cope with Numbers of Displaced in Kachin Conflict

September 15, 2014  • 

Medics working with civilians displaced by fighting in Kachin State are struggling to cope because of a lack of resources – community based organizations warn of a potential health crisis. Information provided to Karen News by the Kachin Women’s Association Thailand, allege that health workers are struggling to cope with the thousands of pe... Read more ►

Padoh Kwe Htoo Win, KNU's General Secretary speaking at Nationwide Ceasefire Coordination Team Members' Summit July 2014 (Photo-KNU)

KNU’s Decision to Suspend Itself from UNFC Proves Divisive

September 15, 2014  • 

The decision by the leadership of the Karen National Union to suspend membership from the United Nationalities Federal Council in August has been met with both criticism and praise, with one analyst stating the move was the “right decision to make,” while some Karen community leaders have argued it weakens the ethnic groups’ push for peace an... Read more ►


Karen Community Organizations Claim Japanese Development Plan in Burma Could ‘Fuel Conflict’, ‘Ignores Local Voices’

September 12, 2014  • 

More than 30 ethnic Karen community based organizations, including environmental watchdogs and civil society organizations, have criticized a blueprint for economic development in Southeast Burma published by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), an aid agency that operates under the Japanese government. The report, published on 9 Sept... Read more ►

Saw Thet Thun, from AAPP, stands in front of photos of political prisoners allegedly killed by Government authorities (Photo: Karen News)

Political Prisoner Group Alleges Burma Govt Using Criminal Laws to Jail “Political Activists”

September 1, 2014  • 

The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) criticized the Burma government for failing to keep it’s promise to release all political prisoners, expressing concerns that the number of political prisoners in Burma, following a Presidential amnesty in 2012, is now on the increase. “President U thein Sein announced that he would rele... Read more ►

Shan IDPs in hiding (photo-SHRF)

Shan Farmers Petition the President to Withdraw Government Soldiers from Shan State

August 31, 2014  • 

A group of 291 Shan civilians internally displaced by war in Shan State sent a letter of appeal directly to President U Thein Sein requesting a withdrawal of Burma Army soldiers from the areas of conflict and compensation for land and possessions they had allegedly destroyed. The letter, addressed to U Thein Sein, claimed that Burma Army soldiers d... Read more ►

Padoh Thaw Thi Bwe

KNU warns it will block any efforts to return refugees prematurely

August 17, 2014  • 

The Karen National Union’s, secretary 1, Padoh Saw Thaw Thi Bweh told Karen News that unless the situation in Burma guarantees refugees safety, their dignity and is conducted according to international humanitarian guidelines any return at the moment is not appropriate. In an interview with Karen News, Padoh Saw Thaw Thi Bweh, Secratry of the Ka... Read more ►

Charm Tong (Photo: Karen News)

“There can be no more silence on the continued aggression against ethnic people…”

August 17, 2014  • 

In an exclusive interview with Karen News, Ms Charm Tong, a founder of the Shan Women’s Action Network, expressed grave concerns over ongoing Burma Army offensives in Shan State in areas of supposed ceasefire, and criticised the international community for not applying more pressure on the government to stop its offensives. “There are three t... Read more ►

Padoh Kwe Htoo Win, KNU's General Secretary speaking at Nationwide Ceasefire Coordination Team Members' Summit July 2014 (Photo-KNU)

Ethnic Alliance Agree To Sign Nationwide Ceasefire – With Conditions

August 2, 2014  • 

About 90 representatives from 16 ethnic armed organizations reached a general agreement to sign the nationwide ceasefire agreement if the government accepts a federal union, equality and ethnic rights for self-determination. The agreement was reached during the Nationwide Ceasefire Coordination Team (NCCT) members’ summit held from July 25 to 29 ... Read more ►

Previous ethnic armed organizations conference, Law Khee Lar, Karen State January 2014

KNU Join Laiza Conference To Discuss The Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement

July 21, 2014  • 

The Karen National Union (KNU) has chosen five leaders to represent it at the upcoming Ethnic Armed Organization Conference in the Kachin Town of Laiza on July 24. The conference is being held to discuss the proposed nationwide ceasefire agreement and the KNU delegation, will be led by its Chairperson, General Mutu Sae Poe. The Ethnic Armed Organiz... Read more ►

election 2010 - political prisoners

Jailing of Journalists “Reminiscent of the Press Oppression Seen Under the Military Junta”

July 20, 2014  • 

The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners has said in a statement that Burma’s government is suppressing the country’s press in ways reminiscent of the country’s previous military dictatorship. The AAPP statement referred to the sentencing of five journalists from Unity Weekly to 10 years imprisonment for allegedly disclosing state s... Read more ►