MSRF Vows to Cut Off Junta’s Logistic Routes

Nai Naga, spokesperson for the Mon State Revolution Force (MSRF), told KIC that they are determined to disrupt the Junta's logistical routes by any means available.

To implement that objective, MSRF is actively conducting comprehensive vehicle inspections along the road stretch from Malwe Mountain to Kaleinaung, situated on the border of Mon State and Tanintharyi Region, he said.

“The reason behind these inspections is to disrupt the Junta’s supply lines by any means necessary, aiming to swiftly overthrow the coup regime”, Nai Naga explained.

The road section checks, in addition to being conducted by MSRF, involved the cooperation of several other groups, including Kan Bauk Defense Force (KBDF), Daw Na Column No. 4, Dawei Defense Team (DDT), Daw Na Column No. 7, Way Hin Daw Na Column No. 6, Tanintharyi 1st Battalion, Ye Eagle, Ye Defense Force (YDF), Ye Guerrilla Force (YGF), Daw Na Column No. 3, All Burma Students’ Democratic Front 1st Battalion, Ye Air Force (YAF), and Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) 27th Battalion.

Upon learning of the resistance forces’ road checks in the area, Junta troops stationed at Malwe Mountain promptly closed the road, obstructing vehicle passage until the departure of the resistance forces, at which point they reopened it.

Given the resistance forces’ efforts to secure territories, MSRF has cautioned the public against traveling near Junta bases and troops, citing the potential for armed confrontations.

Along the No. 8 Union Highway Road linking Ye, Dawei, and Mawlamyine, the resistance forces have intensified their efforts to gain control of territories, urging civilians to remain discreet if they observe these activities.

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