FBR Allege Burma Army Rob and Kill 103 year-old Grandmother

Burma Army soldiers from the 88th Division have allegedly killed two civilians, including a 103-year-old, in Kachin State.

The incident, which occurred on the 21st of March at around 10:30 in the morning, saw soldiers from two battalions attack Mahtek Village, in Mansi Township near the Kachin Independence Army’s 27th Battalion area.

Villagers fled the attack and sought refuge in nearby jungle.

Free Burma Rangers, which reported the incident, said that two villagers fleeing the attack, a mother and daughter, were robbed shot by Burma Army soldiers.

FBR said they were 52-year-old Dau Ma La and his 103-year-old mother Da Shi Hka.

FBR claimed that the order to kill the villagers came from a Burma Army Commander called Ye Win.

“Grabbing a few possessions, they ran into the jungle and hid. At 11.00AM Dau Ma La and Da Shi Hka were discovered by Burma Army troops under the command of Commander Ye Win Lwin and were shot to death. The soldiers then looted over two million Kyats from the son and mother before leaving.” FBR said in a statement.

Graphic photos taken by FBR showed the bodies of two people and indicated death by bullet wounds. Their bodies were found in dense forest.

A 2012 report by Human Rights Watch estimated that fighting in Kachin State had displaced 100,000 civilians. It also accused government forces of raping, torturing and killing civilians.

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