Draft Evaders Home Sealed Off

In Daik-U Township, Bago Region, the Junta forces sealed off houses of individuals fleeing from the Junta-enforced conscription law, locals said.

Since February, certain villages in Daik-U Township have witnessed residents being threatened and summoned for military conscription, prompting many people opposed to military service to abandon their homes and flee with their families. Now those houses have been sealed off,  a villager who did not want to be named told KIC.”

The soldiers have sealed off several homes of those who fled to avoid military service. Now, nobody dares to escape, fearing their homes will meet the same fate. The repercussions extend beyond mere house being sealed off.

Farmlands and businesses owned by them, could suffer a similar consequence which would be even more devastating. Villages that readily accepted the military draft summons haven’t encountered such punitive measures”, he said.

Despite the announced age limit for military drafts, the Military Council is forcibly conscripting individuals of all ages nationwide.

Those unwilling to serve will be required to pay a monthly fee of 200,000 MMK, imposed by the Junta.”The soldiers demanded a monthly fee of 200,000 MMK from villagers who declined military service.

If they refuse to serve or pay, the soldiers threaten to seal off their houses and burn down the village, leaving no one daring to defy them”, the aforementioned source added.Within days of activating the conscription law, the military draft summons has been swiftly implemented not only in Daik-U, but also in other townships and villages across Bago Region.

As a consequence, many young people affected by this law resort to fleeing their homes.”As observed in Bago, territories controlled by the Karen National Union (KNU) brigades are also experiencing similar circumstances.

The enforcement of the conscription law has resulted in numerous young people fleeing their homes. This law serves as another evidence of the Junta’s disruption of public security through various means.

Such problems are not confined to Karen State; the entire country of Myanmar continues to grapple with similar situations”, Saw Nanda Hsue, spokesperson for Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG) told KIC.

From a human rights perspective, the Junta’s conscription law is deemed a significant violation of human rights, as it has the potential to jeopardize the future of young individuals and oppress their family members with fear and stress, KHRG also alleged.

After the Junta announced the activation of the conscription law on February 10th, young people from across the country fled to liberated areas and neighboring countries using any available means.

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